Money can be a topic of contention when a loved one begins to age. You might live far apart and worry that nobody is watching out for your loved ones. It is understandably distressing to think that someone with harmful intentions might try to take advantage of a person you love, or they are more easily manipulated. In addition, often the elderly get overwhelmed with daily tasks such as going through mail, preparing insurance claims and getting organized for taxes. It is easy to get caught up in the worry, so let us help.

At Caregiver Support Services, we offer personal financial management assistance. This service can be as simple or involved as the client would like. We offer a range of assistance from budgeting, bill-paying, account consolidation, and general financial organization. You can trust our team of professionals to help your loved ones make clear and solid financial decisions and manage financial stress with our detailed reconciliation processes.

For more information, contact Katherine MacDowell at 828-435-9134.  Katherine can discuss your personal needs and assist in coordinating a visit with one of our Finance Managers.