Our Team

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Suzanna Waddell, Estate Services

​"I enjoy working with wonderful people at ​Caregiver Support Services & Knox Law.  Learning a new business is both challenging and exciting. I am impressed with the passion of care fellow coworkers have to service our clients.​"​

Candice Greedy, Administrative Coordinator

"As the caregiver of an elderly parent, I know firsthand how valuable this work is to the families we serve. I am thankful to be a small part of this meaningful convocation."

Wendy Crook, Medicaid Coordinator, BSW

“The stress of placing a loved one in long-term care can be overwhelming emotionally and financially. I love being able to take some of the burden off family and caregivers during this experience."

Sheila Galloway, Certified Geriatric Care Manager

"My passion is to assist older adults to actively age and live life to the fullest with the care options they need and want. It is often one fall or one diagnosis that puts an older adult into a crisis. I enjoy helping clients and their families navigate the healthcare system by giving resources and often managing all aspects of their care, to give support, comfort and peace of mind in their time of need."

Katherine MacDowell, Finance Manager

​"​It is very rewarding to be able to relieve some of the stress of paying and managing bills and finances through challenging times​."​

Cara Weinzapfel, Finance Coordinator

"I enjoy working with a group of passionate people that are committed to addressing unmet needs in our community."​

Kyle Hulsey, Care Manager

“There’s no denying that helping people can be rewarding, but to have it be a part of my job every day is even better. The peace of mind and relief we are able to offer is invaluable.”

Jenni Tweed, Finance Manager

“I am blessed to be part of a great team at Caregiver Support Services as we help those in need during challenging times of life. Being part of finding solutions for people, relieving their stress and providing peace of mind in relation to finances...these are all things that I find very rewarding”

Anne Valentine, Finance Manager

“It helped my family so much to have caring professionals guide us through the aging and death of loved ones, and I am honored to help provide that service to our clients and their families.”

Kristen Freeman, Paralegal

“Being a trusted resource for families, both with Medicaid and the realm of the Court, is incredibly gratifying to me."

Jayne Nordlund, Care Management Coordinator

"I enjoy getting to know people and being a part of helping all generations. This job gives me the opportunity to do both!"