What is a Certified Care Manager (CCM)?

A care manager is a professional hired to assess a person's medical and social needs, with the majority of clients elderly or disabled.  After assessing needs, the care manager can arrange services and monitor care as needed.  Utilizing a care manager will allow a person to remain as independent as possible, while giving family members peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for.  A care manager can assist someone living at home or guide and oversee transitions into supportive housing or assisted living facilities. Please see our Care Management tab to learn more.

​What is the cost for your services?​

​Our services and the scope of work for each client vary greatly.  We welcome your phone call to setup an initial assessment to gather all necessary healthcare information which costs $250/individual or $400/couple. This assessment is valuable to have for yourself and to share with someone who may be helping with your healthcare needs in the future. 

What does your business do?

Caregiver Support Services is a care management organization serving those that need assistance primarily due to age or disability. We can provide assistance to a client or a caregiver, prepare and submit Medicaid applications and/or provide certified care management services.

Your office is located in Hendersonville, but can you help me if I live outside of Henderson County?

YES.  We do a lot of the financial and administrative work out of our office, and we can travel to help family members throughout western North Carolina.  Additional mileage fees may apply in these circumstances.

I don’t need anything specific from your care manager, but I would like to call with my questions and concerns as needed. How do you charge if I want access to your services on an ongoing basis?

We offer a monthly service agreement with a $250 flat rate in order to provide up to two hours of discussion and guidance each month. This is a wonderful option for ongoing access in order to build a trusting relationship and ensure all needs are being met on a regular basis. And, if a situation arises that you need additional help, we will be ready to offer more time if needed on an hourly basis.